Website Portfolio

  • Kegs and Eggs | Splash Worldwide

    Developed for Splash Worldwide in Portland, OR, this one-page website provides information and event signups for their 2015 company pub-crawl event. The inspired and informative design, by Brent Bacheller of Splash, required pixel-perfect developement and a smooth user experience.

    Tech involved: HTML, CSS, Javscript/jQuery, PHP

    Check out Movember.

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  • Movember | Splash Worldwide

    Another Single page website developed for Splash Worldwide in Portland, OR. We donated half of our time on this project as it's goal is to raise money for the Movember Foundation.

    Along with a responsive design, the site features a Wordpress back-end to make uploading new photos of the Splash Staff's Stache's easy and intuitive. We are really enjoying working with Splash senior designer Brent Bacheller.

    Browse the Movember Website while growing out your own beard or stache!

    Tech involved: HTML, CSS, Javscript/jQuery, PHP, Wordpress

    Check out Movember.

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  • Holt Chiropractic and Massage

    Chiropractic web design, development, and on-site photography for local chiropractor.

    Check out Holt Chiropractic and Massage.

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  • Tacoma Waterfront Association

    The Tacoma Waterfront Association finally has a web presence! As this site was their first professional venture into the web, We decided to keep things simple and solid, with scalability in mind. The site features membership enrollement and renewal forms, newsletter signup forms, mailing letter archives, and more.

    Tech involved: HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP

    Check out Tacoma Waterfront Association.

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  • Tacoma Stars

    We had the honor of building the website for the historical professional indoor football club, the Tacoma Stars. The goal was to match the energy of the team through our design and UI. We used a paralax scrolling technique that added depth and excitement.

    Tech involved: HTML, CSS, Javscript/jQuery, PHP

    Check out Tacoma Stars.

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  • Centurion Carpet Cleaning

    John at Centurion Carpet Cleaning in Port Orchard, WA needed a website that would collect bid-requests, collect and display testimonials, and show off his companies exceptional carpet cleaning skills, all while maintaining great search engine rankings. We accomplished that using a Wordpress CMS to make content managment easy. The site also includes a password protected area for corporate accounts.

    Tech involved: HTML, CSS, Javscript/jQuery, PHP, Wordpress

    Check out Centurion Carpet Cleaning.

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  • Larry's Cycle Barn

    Larry commisioned us to build this site as a 'Thank You' to his loyal customers (who had been asking for a site). The focus for 360Tactics on this build was to produce a site that would be easy to manage (via a Wordpress Backend), and easy for visitors to navigate and use.

    The site is fully adaptive to any device or screen enabling it to be beneficial to a larger audience.

    Check out Larry's Cycle Barn.

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  • Chet Ross Rare Books

    This project was a ground-up re-design. Our main requirements were to improve the search and browse capabilities while providing a simple and intuitive browsing experience. Using the WordPress platform, we built an easy-to-use and efficient, yet full-featured product catalog and gallery.

    Due to Chet's focus on polar exploration, we sought to bring the warmth and comfort of a library, to the cold expanse of the arctic. We were able to achieve this through the use of complimentary colors and spatial openness. While a challenge both in design and development, we feel we were able to reach a perfect balance of both form and function.

    Check out Chet Ross Rare Books.

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  • Carl Colson Architect

    This was a development project for an Architect in Bothel, WA. Site was designed by Magrit Baurecht of Core Creative Team. The website features 'pixel-perfect' Wordpress integration and multiple photo galleries.

    Check out Carl Colson Architect.

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  • Pacific Paper Products

    Another development project for a Tacoma, WA based paper manufacturing company. Site was designed and managed by our co-op partner Michael Muncy of Helix Creative.

    Check out Pacific Paper Products.

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  • Moondogs Too

    The most popular watering hole in Port Orchard, WA, we made sure to get credit at the bar as part of this deal! Every detail of the site design is taken directly from photos we took at the restaraunt giving the site a familiar, warm, and groovy feel.

    Tech involved: HTML, CSS, Javscript/jQuery, PHP, Concrete 5 CMS

    Check out Moondogs Too.

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  • Olsons Gaskets

    The largest distributor of gaskets for the antique market in the world.

    Check out Olsons Gaskets.

    Web design by
  • Stratton Natural Light Photography

    We love working with photographers and this site was a real pleasure to design. Our client had an established logo and brand so we took them and built her an elegantly professional site that focuses on the beautiful images she captures on film.

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  • C.F. Stratton Photography

    This New York City-based photographer wanted something simple, sleek and elegant. We used complimentary colors and a minimalist approach to give her just that.

    Check out C.F. Stratton Photography.

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    This site's owner is an extremely talented and successful musician, so we pursued a look of accomplished sophistication for her studio site with an emphasis on piano imagery, her instrument of choice.

    Check out Cadenza Music Studios. Take lessons from this teacher and you are guaranteed to get 'schooled'!


    For Lake Tapps Luxury Pet Sitting, we used elegant colors and elements to highlight the "luxury" portion of their service, without taking away from the family/friendly feel the company wanted to communicate to their neighbors as a local business.

  • the Sound of Piano

    The Sound of Piano began as a pre-existing website in need of a few upgrades. We were tasked with both improving the site visually and increasing it's useability. After sampling the music and getting to know the owner, we decided on a theme of elegance and sophisitication. Special touches were included with the addition of an embedded media player, featuring the piano stylings of the artist, and a fully interactive guest book.

  • CSS Zen Garden

    An exercise in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and graphic design. Visit for more information.